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Sandylu Guerrero

Transformational Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Influencer

Sandylu Guerrero is a seasoned Transformational Life Coach, helping clients transform their lives for over 11 years. Founder of Sandylu Guerrero Life Coaching formerly known as Life’s Choice Coaching. She is the creator of Coaching Programs such as The Launch, My Appraisal, Women’s Revival Group and Master My Life. 

She has been known for her inspiring and empowering social media presence and evoking change in others. For a period of 3 years Sandylu produced a Facebook Live show called “Transform Your Life with Sandylu & Friends” where she had the opportunity to interview many entrepreneurs, community leaders, veterans, and inspiring individuals. 

She had them share with the world their stories of challenges and triumphs that inspired the viewers. Sandylu is a co-author of a book titled “Lead with Success” where she along with other inspiring women share their stories of resilience and lessons. Sandylu has also published multiples journal available for purchase on Amazon. Sandylu also produces and facilitates virtual events for businesses and private parties. 

For the past 10 years she has been creating workshops focusing on mindset, goals and team building for businesses, organizations, the City of Commerce Royal Court as well as moderating, keynote speaking and sitting on panels. Sandylu was recognized as a “Latina of Influence” in 2020 by Hispanic Lifestyle. Sandylu’s goal is to transform as many women’s lives as possible by helping them to be grounded in who they are, what they want and want is important to them so they can own the fact that they are worthy of having it all and they have the power to achieve it all.

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A 90-day Program for Successful Women who want more out of life to find happiness, fulfillment, and focus.

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One coaching allows the students to be in complete ownership of what it is that they want to create for themselves.


Personal and Professional Development Business Workshops and Life Coaching.


Motivational Speaking Speak on multiple subjects around The Power of Choice.

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