Master my Life

Master My Life is a 90-day Program for Successful Women who want more out of life to find happiness, fulfillment, and focus.

It’s time to master your life so you can be the woman you desire to be for yourself, your family, and the important people in your life.


What we Cover

My Four Point Framework


My Appraisal Assessment

A deep dive into 8 Core domains of your life, Relationship with Emotional State to get a clear starting and setting goals to clear your space to focus and create your bigger goals


The Foundation

Creating a solid foundation of who you are, what you want , and what is is important to you and stepping into who you get to be to step into your next level.


25 Principles to Life Mastery

Principles and practices that help you master your life by getting through your life journey with peace, joy, gratitude, and creating the results that you desire.


Master Plan

Creating clear professional and/or personal goals, along with coaching, support, and accountability through entirely of the program

What we will be Working on

Meet the Coaches

Mariagna Preciado

Certified Money Coach (CMC)

Mari’s financial journey started in 2018 at age 35 after embarking on her personal transformational journey.  Learning about personal finances empowered her to transform her relationship with money and help others along the way. Mari is passionate about empowering minorities with financial tools and instilling awareness.  She draws on her own experience of financial recovery to guide people through the emotional, spiritual, and practical aspects of healing their relationship with money. Mari has volunteered at Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey and is a graduate of The Money Coaching Institute. Mari is committed to helping people live more financially empowered and prosperous lives.

Rolando Castro

Credit Coach

Rolando Castro is Co-Owner of Credit Repair Solutions, a reputable credit repair agency that focuses on educating and assisting the local community and customers all across the United States with improving their quality of life by improving their credit.

Rolando was recently selected as a Top 10 Credit Coaches to watch this year by Yahoo Finance. He is also a graduate of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Entrepreneurship program where he received education from Babson College, the number one Entrepreneurship school in the United States and the education received has helped him grow his current business and has a wide knowledge of business development and business planning. One of the businesses he owns, Credit Repair Solutions is celebrating its 13th year in business and employs an amazing group of people who have a passion for helping others understand their personal credit so they can make wiser credit decisions in the future.

LouLou Nutrition Goddess

Board-Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, and Certified Transformational Health & Life Coach.

LouLou’s practice is focused on teaching you to BRING HEALTHY & HAPPY BACK the natural way by finding the root cause reasons for your symptoms. When you work with LouLou she curates a program customized for you based on your symptoms and goals. She offers at home Functional Lab testing to find true answers to your chronic symptoms. She teaches  you how to nourish your body (based on your body type), specializes in detoxification (teaching you how to  remove toxins from the body), Food sensitivities and Gut health. LouLou’s services include- Transformation Psychology: really understanding the root cause of the obstacles, habits or beliefs that are not allowing you to achieve your goals

Albert Duarte

ACC Credentialed, Certified Ontological Life Coach & Certified Meditation Teacher

As an Ontological Life Coach, Albert gets to co-create the life his clients want and get to the root of their issues.

The reason that ontological coaching is so powerful and transformational is because it focuses on shifting the “observer that you are” as a human being. It is at the deeper level of how we observe/perceive – and thus, create and generate – reality that creates the potential for deep transformation of you and your life, leading to powerful action taken by you, so you can achieve the lasting results you desire as a client.

Albert also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and is the owner of Zen

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